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This practical and informative volume demonstrates how microbes can play a beneficial role in animal husbandry. Developed by Teruo Higa, a Japanese professor of agriculture, effective microorganisms (EM) are a cost-effective means to maintain horse well-being and improve stable conditions. From growing and preparing fodder to treating hooves and keeping a healthy ambiance, this guide addresses the needs of professional breeders, private horse owners, veterinarians, farmers, and feed manufacturers. This handbook also includes detailed accounts by veterinarians, healing practitioners, and others who have used EM to their advantage.


The horse – culture vs. nature

The immune system of the horse develops in the intestines

Good hay and good straw – the use of EM   application tip

only low quality fodder available – What to do? application tip

Fodder okay – what next? Hygiëne in the stable and on the pasture

Ansers to the most frequent questions of horse keepers

Colic – Hoof problems – Bedding – Wounds – Parasites – Dermatitis


Experiences with EM practices

C. Gehrmann – M. Kurschatke – I. Bornemann – M. Doth – G. Klawuhn – Dr. C. Mattis – J. Henseler



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